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The metallic yarn serial products adopt PET plat vacuum aluminium and then coating and printing etc to process quality soft, color and luster magnificent metallic yarn. Including of M, MH, MX  ST Type ,and Glitter powder five series.

PET FILM we are basis adopt pet plate vacuum aluminium and then,coating and printing  etc to process quality soft ,color and luster magnificent metallic film.

ST-TYPE Polyester filament yarn round covered with M type metallic yarn (12micro 1/69")at the fully closed regular intervals.We recommend to make test on the samples for macrp-use if it is have chemical requirde.

MH TYPE metallic yarn is one ply m-type metallic yarn(1/110",12micron)supported by 75d polyester filament yarn or 70d nylon yarn.this yarn has strong tensile strength and graceful,lustrous color,this products is useing sweaters,knitwears,pre-dyed textiles eaving),tircots,embroidery,stocking,industrial subsidiary materials, to choose from hundreds of colors.

Glitter powder also name Flash powder. Including aluminum powder glitter, polyester glitter powder, magical powder, laser glitter powder. With aluminum, PET, material. Size Specifications (size) by the 1 / 256 (0,1 mm) to 1 / 8 (3,0 mm). The shape of hexagonal, square, needle-shaped and irregular strip shape, and a variety of colors to choose from. Glitter variety of materials can withstand high temperatures to varying degrees (from 80 * C, 180 * C, 300 * C range). Glitter by injection, screen printing, coating, spraying of the main type, used for paper, cloth, wood, metal, leather, plastics, ceramics and other materials to form a decorative or reflective, or eye-catching special effects such as .