DongYang KingSilk Metallic Yarn Co., Ltd.


Company profile

The company was founded in 1990  by Miss King. The first product that was manufactured Metallic yarn  in KingSilk Metallic yarn Co.,Ltd and since 1996 our sales have increased because of high quality product at affordable price and also because of their durability.

The metallic yarn serial products adopt PET plat vacuum aluminium and  then  their coating and printing etc. is processed properly to ensure that the quality is soft and the color and luster are magnificent so that good quality metallic yarn is produced. Our product line includes different variations such as M, MH, MX,  ST Type and Glitter powder consisting of five series.

The Products are widely applicable for Christmas gifts, weave trade mark, knitting of wool yarn, knitting of machine fabric, it can also be used in embroidery, hosiery, auxiliary materials, handicrafts, ties, gift packing and etc.